Thursday, October 31, 2013

ScanDocs Premier Edition is Now Available!

Muratec is pleased to announce the availability of ScanDocs Premier Edition.

ScanDocs Premier is a simple, easy-to-install document management system that enables users to quickly and easily index, search and retrieve:
  • Hardcopy documents that are scanned from a Muratec MFP to a PC hard-drive or network folder.
  • Existing electronic documents (such as Microsoft Office docs, PDF's, etc.). Over 200 file formats are supported!!
  • E-mails and e-mail attachments.
How does it work?

  1. Client installs the ScanDocs client on their PC.
  2. After the client is installed the user opens the ScanDocs configuration tool. They can simply add the folders that they wish to monitor and ScanDocs does the rest.
  3. When the user wants to search for a documents they simply open the ScanDocs search tool, which mirrors a Google search, and enters the search term. ScanDocs does the rest.
  4. Anytime a new document is added to the folder, or an existing document is modified, ScanDocs will update it's database.
It's that easy!

ScanDocs combines one of the most powerful OCR engines in the market with the simplicity of a "Google-like" search bar to create an effective document management solution.

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